Early Spring Dragon Well (No 43)
Early Spring Dragon Well (No 43)

Early Spring Dragon Well (No 43)

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2019 Early Spring Dragon Well (No 43) - please read below if you would like to know more about Dragon Well No 43.  This tea has a typical Dargon Well nutty aroma, companied by sweet, fresh taste. It is a genuine early Spring Dragon well, we use this tea as a typical example of Dragon Well at our tea class. We would like put some limited quantity here to share with you. 


Brewing Instruction:
Measurement: 2 grams/100ml water
Temperature: 190-195
Steeping Time: 2 minutes or more for the first steep. Please add more time based on your personal preference. 

The Story of Dragon Well No 43 vs Dragon Well Heirloom Varietals. 
Before 1980s, Heirloom Varietals made up the majorities of Dragon Well Tea in Hang Zhou, China. From the market perspective, there are some shortcomings of Heirloom Varietals. It grows really slow. The buds won't come out until April - May. The color and sharp of buds are not unified, ranging from yellow green to beige, brownish color. The production volume was also too low to meet the market demand. 

After a period of time of testing, the Chinese tea research lab developed a new variety of Dragon Well called No 43. The buds of No 43 would grow faster and earlier. The buds will be ready to pick as early as middle of March. The tea leaf color is greener and the production quantity is much higher than Heirloom Varietals. The sharp of No 43's buds are also stronger and sleeker than Heirloom Varietals. 

After Dragon Well No 43 was developed, lots of Tea Farmer shifted from Heirloom Varietals to Dragon Well No 43. Today Heirloom Varietal becomes much more rare in the market. However, there are still lots of serious tea drinkers love Heirloom Varietals and consider Heirloom Varietals are the soul of Dragon Well.

I am one of the tea drinkers loves Heirloom Varietal as well. However the taste is very subtle, just like it was described during the past - it is made up by a smoothing "Qi". Probably not a tea for every person.  

We have limited quantity of Heirloom Varietals for sell, please DM or email (yian@theartea.com) if you would like to purchase a sample pack.