Dan Cong Wu Dong Mi Lan (Honey Orchid)
Dan Cong Wu Dong Mi Lan (Honey Orchid)

Dan Cong Wu Dong Mi Lan (Honey Orchid)

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2018 Spring Dan Cong (Charcoal Baked)
The word Wu Dong basic means high mountain Dan Cong Tea. The altitude of Wu Dong mountain is up to thounsand meters while most of the tea trees grow a place that is about eight hundred meters.

General rule for Dan Cong tea: the tea from order tree is better than tea from younger tree. The tea from high altitude is better than tea from low altitude. The tea trees grow at high altitude normally is less bitter than the tea trees grow at lower altitude, due to less sun exposure (which affect the bitterness of tea directly). 

Wu Dong Mi Alan has a distinct long lasting honey orchid that is smooth and sweet. The aroma and taste can persistent till post seven - ten steeps. 

If you are new to Dan Cong, please try below brewing methods as starting point or you are welcome to start from the entry level Dan Cong Osmanthus in the store.


Easy Brew ( for beginner or light drinker)

1: Measure the tea as 2 grams for every 100ml water.
2. Heat up the tea pot/gai wan and cups.
3. Put in the tea and pour over 200F or less water.
4. Let the tea soak there for about 1 minute-1 minute 20 seconds.
5. Pour all the tea out (either into Gong Dao Bei or direct into cups).
6. Enjoy the tea.
7. Add 20-30 seconds or more for the following steeps.

Gong Fu Brew(for experienced tea brewers)

1. Measure the tea as 4-5 grams or more for everyone 100ml water. You can try up to 6 grams. As long as you can pour out the tea fast enough you should be fine for most Dan Cong tea.
2. Heat up the tea pot/gai wan and cups.
3. Rinse the tea with hot water really quick (wetting the leaves are just enough).
4. Pull in the hot water (200-210F) and pour the tea out IMMEDIATELY into Gong Dao Bei or direct into cups. The steeping time sholud be less than 2 seconds. Also you want to make sure the whole process from pouring hot water in to pouring tea out should be controlled around 10-15 seconds.
5. Enjoy the tea.
6. Repeat 4 for the first three steeps and add a few seconds (less than 5 seconds) for the following steeps.

Tea ware recommendation: small gai wan (= < 100ml) comes pretty handy for beginners. Or Chao Zhou Zhu Ni pot (120ml) is another great option especially for Chao Zhou gong fu style. I also tried Dan Cong in 120 ml gai wan with thinner wall, the taste was still good and acceptable. All the tea wares are available in store. Please feel free to message me if you have any question.