Date: Nov 4, 2018
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Artist: Shi Yun Long
Venue: 405 Vernon St, Ste 100, Roseville, CA 95678

About the Guqin
According to Chinese Legend, Guqin is the most prestigious musical instrument with more than 5000 years of history. It is said the first Guqin appeared in the far ancient time. Many of China's legendary pre-history figures, such as Fu Xi, Sheng Nong, Huang Di were involved in its creation. 

Many scholars and literati from Chinese history loved Guqin as an instrument of great subtlety and refinement. Guqin was referred to as “The Father of Chinese music”. The history of Guqin is a reflection of the history of Chinese literature.  

Performing the Guqin has great requirements of the musician. Mastering the skill is just the first step. An important aspect is to use the music to express the relationship between mankind and universe. 

Many Guqin songs have hundreds to thousands years of  history. One of the songs we will play this time: Liu Shui  (Water Stream in  English) was chosen to be included in the Voyager Golden Record, which was sent into outer space by NASA on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts. It is the longest and only Chinese excerpt included on the disc (lasting 7 minutes and 37 seconds).

About the Artist
Shi Yunlong, was born in a family of literati. He learned and inherited the family tradition of war drum and Guqin since age 13. For approximately 12 years  Mr Shi Yunlong  trained under Mr Liu ShanJiao, who is considered the foremost Guqin artist in China.

Please feel free to email me if there is any other question.
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