Ten Classes About The Art of Tea

Hi everyone, 

I am very excited to share that I am working with a few partners in North California area to provide training classes. Please read the information below if you are interested to meet and practice tea with me. 


My name in the tea world is Cha Ren Yi An 茶人易安. I am a student also a teacher for Cha Ren. Cha Ren means people who makes and serves tea as a expression of art. There are many people can make and serve tea, but only trained and hard working Cha Ren can turn this process into a piece of artwork, provide great enjoyment for those who drink tea with Cha Ren. This is the whole goal of my practice also my training for new Cha Ren.

I started my study of the art of serving tea with Cha Ren An Ren Ju 茶人 安仁居 since 2013. Cha Ren An Ren Ju  茶人 安仁居 - Ms SuChen Lee (李素貞)was the principal Cha Ren for Taiwan Zi Teng Lu (紫藤廬)about 10 years, before moving to Shi Yang Shan Fang (食養山房) as principal Cha Ren. Ms SunZhen Lee has more than 30 years experience as Cha Ren. 

Some of Ms SuChen Lee's experiences including of hosting tea ceremony and experience at Taipei Museum, Beijing National Art Gallery and Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art etc. Ms SuChen Lee is now living in Shanghai, China and continue to train the next generation of Cha Ren.

Upon the completion of my Cha Ren study, I won the the Cha Ren competition in 2013  - it was a private Cha Ren competition joined by many Ms SuChen Lee’s students every year. After that I was lucky to get picked by Ms SuChen Lee to become a teacher under her guidance since then. The picture below was taken from the morning of the competition.


The Chinese tradition is the foundation and starting point of the learning. The class will start with a traditional way of making tea and involve into a modern way to stay close with the current. A perfect example is Cha Pan used to be the only way to make tea, there are many merits of Cha Pan and it does bring out the best of tea much easier compare to Cha Xi. But nowadays there are many people get drawn into Cha Xi. Cha Xi is often call Dry Gong Fu style in America or in some places called Literati style. In the Cha Xi style, we don't use Cha Pan, all the water needs to be tossed in to Jian Shui (Tea Dregs Container) if you don't know what it is there is a Jian Shui under the Accessories category in my shop please feel free to check it out. Many times Cha Xi is themed. The picture below is one of Cha Xi I recently created to celebrate Chinese Li Qiu (立秋) , a Chinese solar term marks the start of transiting into Fall. Without getting into too much details, the overall goal is to give a summer still but cool feeling to the guests. And I was making white tea with it, which is considered more suitable for the transition time. 

Another example is people used to drink tea especially Chao Zhou style with only three cups no matter how many people in the table, the tea pot or gaiwan was very small like 100ml or smaller. Now we are seeing people using more cups, it moves from three cups to four cups, all the way till six cups in Taiwan.  The tea pot is getting bigger and bigger all the way up to 200ml or more. 

As a Cha Ren, it is important to learn about the tradition and use the wisdom from the past, but more importantly it is about evolving it with new knowledge to embrace the new life. I was trained in China as Cha Ren, now I am living in United States I am very curious and excited to see the rise of American Cha Ren and what they will become in the future.


Each class will be about 2 hours, the focus is to train the body movement of making and serving tea, the ability to bring the best of tea, the sensibility to discover the beauty of teaware , Cha Xi and the ability to create a scene using Cha Xi. 

A few things you will be getting from my class:

  1. Basic knowledge about Chinese tea 
  2. Experiencing high quality tea
  3. Different tea making skill
  4. Mix-tea ideas for different seasons
  5. The aesthetic of Cha Xi (tea table)
  6. The third eye of Cha Ren - sensibility training 
  7. The appreciation of tea ware and tea pot
  8. The essential of Chinese tea ceremony/tea gathering
  9. Practice to design your own Cha Xi and make tea with it


1.Please wear loose fitting clothes to join the class, preferable in neutral color and made by natural fabric.
2. There will be homework assigned after each class to deepen the learning. Please plan extra hours each week to work on it. 
3.Please don’t wear fragrance to the class.
4.Please don’t wear jewelry on both hands while making tea.

For any other question, please email me at Charensfo@gmail.com. Also if you have a great space for people to practice tea please give me a email, we are looking for places to place our workshop. 

I will announce more details once I am able to settle with the partners. 


Cha Ren Yi An

茶人 易安

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