Mike Fritts, the owner of Golden Feather Tea, just lost his house, belongings and farm over a forest fire in North California.

Mike Fritts is a dedicated tea grower. Over the past eight years, he has been strived to make the USA Grown/Made tea possible. We respect and appreciate all Mike's effort and contribution to the tea culture and society here. 

It is heart breaking for us to hear Mike Fritts lost today. Please join us to give your support and bless to Mike Fritts. Hope he and his wife Donna, three dogs can go back their home soon and rebuild everything. 

Please consider to purchase the "Blessing Chant" from our Guqin artist Shi YunLong as your support and bless to Mike. We will donate all the sales to Mike and his family. 

Also if you would like to donate for Mike Fritts, please visit


  • Mike & Donna, get in touch with us when you can – let us know what we can do to help. So sorry to hear about your beloved tea plants, but glad to hear that you two are ok. We are wondering about Brice & his family?

    Joanne Sheppard (aunt)
  • Have been trying to call you. Please let me know where you & Donna are. News of Brice & family -

    Joanne Sheppard (aunt)
  • I just found this. I am so sorry you lost everything. That is heartbreaking to read. God bless you both.
    John and Gail Kinch

    Gail Kinch
  • Mike, my heart goes out to you and your family, neighbors, and community. I have such fond memories of tea with you at your home and seeing your amazing tea garden oasis. We are with you in spirit and ready to help in any way we can.

    All the best,
    Christine Parks

    Christine Parks (Camellia Forest Tea)
  • Hello my friends, I just heard from a close friend of Mike. Mike was at Oroville and getting supplies in Chico. Now they will have to move. He has a friend with house on 300 open acres that should be safe. He probably will stay there. He said thank you for everyone’s support.

    I will be sending all the money with some donation from me and my friends to him once he gets settle down. Thanks again for all your support and kindness!

    Yi An

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