Summer Vegan Tea Snack - Snow Ball

Yam probably is not a common food on Western dinner table, but definitely a favor for many Asian. Yam is a good food to eat at Fall but because I love it so much, I often make dish or snack with it all seasons long. The Summer Snow Ball I made today was using the mixture of Yam and rice. It tastes fresh and light, perfect as tea snack. 

Below is the recipe. Hope you enjoy it! 
Yam: 250g
Rice: 50g
Sugar Powder: 20g or less

1. Steam the Yam till it gets softened
2. Wait till the Yam cool down and mix it with rice and sugar powder
3. Divide the mixture as 30g/ea ball. You can place the mixture into fridge when you prepare for the filling

You can either buy red paste from the Asian Grocery store or use below recipe to make your own!

Red Bean 150g
Jujube 350g
Crystal Sugar 135g

1. Soak red bean in the water for 3 hours
2. Remove the core of Jujube
3. Boil the red bean till it gets softened, then boil with the jujube for 10 minutes
4. Put the mixture 3. into food processor and grind it into a fine texture
5. Add some oil on a pan and stir fried the mxiture 4. with crystal sugar until you can roll them into individual balls
6. Let the mixture cool down and divided them into 15g/ea ball as filling

1. Take 1 30g wrap mixture and place in a 15g filling
2. Make a simple round ball
3. Place the "snow ball" into Fridge for about 3 hours before tasting it


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